Saturday, August 05, 2006

City Market People

Being a bit playful with our new-found video capabilities, we have produced a very short video of one our trips to City Market. City Market is a bustling center of commerce in the old section of Bangalore. In November 2006, Bangalore is to be renamed…just as Bombay became Mumbai and Madras became Chennai…Bangalore is to be renamed Bangaluru. City Market is in the heart of old Bangaluru.

We are continually pleased that when we pull our camera out whether at City Market, or anywhere, really, that people cluster about to have their “snap” taken. We published some of our other people pictures on our Have You Seen This Man? blog.

In our novice way we pasted together some pictures, music and video to bring to you the delight we experience when we meet the people of City Market.


At 9/07/2007 3:09 AM, Blogger vegetablej said...

Nice! I love seeing the market from your perspective. Just one little suggestion. The video would be lovely if you had recorded ambient sound as you panned through the market. Maybe next time? :)


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